The Love Principles: The 5-Phase System That Sparks Infatuation And Sustains Love

Ever wonder why a guy seems so enthusiastic and head-over-heels in the beginning... then eventually goes stone cold after? It's like you accidentally flipped a switch in his head, and now he's taking you for granted and giving off mixed signals. 

Where did that warm, romantic guy go, and how do you get him back?

The Love Principles will show you how to steer your relationship away from shaky ground and keep your man 100% focused on you. No matter how long (or short) you've known each other, you'll learn how to keep him devoted to you every step of the way!

The Love Principles

The 5-Phase System That Sparks Infatuation And Sustains Love

    Here Are The 6 Biggest Benefits You'll Get...

    No More "Mixed Signals"

    The truth is that there's nothing mixed about his behavior. If he's not giving you the love, attention and importance, then he's missing the "Heck Yeah" factor. That's why you'll learn how to bring this back into the relationship and inject your guy with boundless enthusiasm and red-hot desire!

    Make Him Interested Again At Any Point In The Relationship

    Dating goes through cycles, and that means a couple will evolve and grow in their relationship. Find out how to maintain his interest no matter how long you've known each other.

    Steer Clear Of Dating Disaster

    The course of love isn't always smooth sailing. That's why this book shows you how to avoid potential pitfalls at every phase of the relationship. That way, you'll always have a strong connection with your guy!

    Give Him What He Wants

    Like you, men have wants and needs in the relationship. Sometimes though, your guy might not be able to express these needs clearly because he isn't consciously aware of them. But those needs are there, just below the surface. In this book, you'll discover how to pick up on these hidden clues and find out what he really wants from you.

    Learn What Makes a Man Stay

    A lot of women suddenly find their guy taking them for granted after a while, and they don't know why. It all boils down to certain qualities that keep guys interested in the long run. That's why this book goes into detail about that so you understand this crucial part of your relationship!

    Keep Him Chasing After You

    At some point in the relationship, a guy stops pursuing his partner. This usually happens when he feels like he's "got" her.  However, you can keep him from feeling this way and keep that sense of infatuation alive even after you're already past the "Comfort Zone" phase (which you'll also learn in the book!).

    The Love Principles

    The 5-Phase System That Sparks Infatuation And Sustains Love

      How To Keep a Man Interested

      The Five-Phase System That Keeps The Love Alive

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